Point of Sale Solutions for Restaurants

Digital Data Assist (DDA) hospitality edition is targeted as a software for restaurant point of sales solution.

It is designed to assist a full range of daily activities from menu set up, reservations to orders and reports with its user friendly interface and innovative functional system. The software is capable of connecting to pocket PC, IPad, Windows pad etc to improve overall dining experience and efficiency.

Effective Table Dining Operations

Flexible tables layout with status display of any given table, occupied or available?

Each item can be automatically linked to condiments, sides and cooking instruction to meet particular customers’ need.

Saved orders & job list can be delivered to kitchen printers at various sections


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Powerful Back Office Enhancing Your Business

DDA offers precise sales statistic analysis and extensive reports to assist you oversee restaurant operations wherever you are. DDA can also link multiple premises with remote back office which provides a comprehensive auditing and tracking capability for franchise establishments.

Multi-language Menu & printing

DDA supports bilingual text display per item (English, Chinese, Italian, Korean, Greek etc). The language switch button allows you to change the display language at any moment. Printing your own language in kitchen is now possible.

Stock Control – Save time to count

Keep track of inventory and control what’s being sold with the function of low stock alert, reordering levels.


Wireless connectivity

Digital Data Assist (DDA) iPhone is developed specially for hospitality which helps to reduce foot traffic and improve efficiency and accuracy of the order process since orders can be transmitted wirelessly to POS terminal and kitchen.

Ipad & Ipad Mini

With the Digital Data Assist (DDA) installation, you can use your own IPAD/IPAD Mini for order processing to enjoy increased speed, operational efficiency and accuracy.

It offers customer an exceptional experience and satisfaction which helps to improve profitability ultimately.

Windows tablet introduced

Windows tablet offers full capability of a standalone computer.

You can achieve operational efficiency and accuracy with its simplicity and mobility as well as find it the handiest point of sales solution.

Digital Data Assist
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Digital Data Assist (DDA) Hospitality Edition is a reliable cost effective point of sale (POS) and comprehensive business management software package.

Self Ordering creates brand new customer experience

Our easy to use self-ordering devices put customers in control, speed up service, improve accuracy and reduce labor costs.

It can display up to 4 languages for menu description selection.


Switch dockets printer to Touch Kitchen

Eliminate paper dockets in the kitchen with our easy to use kitchen touch screen options. Orders will pop up in the kitchen screen after ordering while completed item can be removed easily on the display.



PC EFTPOS integration

Digital Data Assist is licensed by all major banks Australianwide to connect PC integrated EFTPOS machines with your EFTPOS transactions.

Caller ID integration

When a call comes in, DDA automatically pickup the incoming phone number then pull up the customer name and address to print on your delivery job list.



Flexible Reservation Feature

Powerful reservation function with seat number reminder
gives you the most flexibility to allocate seat to your customers.

Loyalty function to award frequent diners

Implement a VIP & points scheme with our loyalty function to preset discount rate for VIP customers and reward customers by accumulating points to spend in their next bill. Points can be consolidated for chain stores hence you are hassle-free about the management of loyalty program.

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