An Intelligent Delivery Robot

Powered by the PUDU SLAM systemwhich integrated with multiple sensors. PudoBot supports high-precision mapping and surroundings recognition, whichi help it nevigates and deliver meals more efficiently in complex environments.

Key features

Industry Leading Slam Technology

PUDU SLAM is a new technology integrated SLAM solution based on Lidar, Camera, UWB, RGBD, IMU, Encoder and multiple sensors.

Four Core Functions & 3D obstacles Avoidance

The Multiple visual senors are added to enable the robot upgrading from 2D plane perception to 3D environment detaction. It also performs centimeter level real-time positioning , high precision mapping, optimal route planning and 0.5 second instant response for obstable avoidance.

Modular Design

Pudubot boasts 42*50cm extra large trays with patented adjustable tray fasteners that allows adjustment of the trays more flexible and effectively.

Independent Linkage Suspension

The new independent auto-level linkage suspension makes the robots moving smoothly on uneven or bumpy floor .

Ultra-Long Battery Life

4 hours full charge and continuous operation for up to 10-24 hours

Pudu Cloud Service

Intelligent Cloud Scenarios & robot cloud service provide data support for scenario based operations.

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