Point of Sale Solutions for Fruit & Vegetable

Digital Data Assist integrate with all scale made by major brands worldwide that suits fruit and vegetable business.

The software is capable of handling very high transaction frequencies. Staff can scan, weigh and ring up items in an instant in order to enable outstanding productivity and increased efficiency at point of sale.


Report Function

Using your smart phone to
get the online report everyday.


Powerful Search

Flexible and powerful search functions.

Search Options by date, time and service. Access your online report today.

Support iPhone and Android Phone

Comprehensive selections of Fruit & Veg’s photos

Operator can process item by selecting the images of certain Fruit or Vegetable without keying the product name.

This limits human errors while increases overall efficiency.


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Support reading price embedded barcode

Price embedded barcodes can be embedded with a total price, weight. It can be generated by a label printing scale or other printing device streamlining the price-tagging process for pre-packaged products. 

Powerful Back Office Enhancing Your Business

DDA offers precise sales statistic analysis and extensive reports to assist you oversee your retail operations wherever you are. DDA can also link multiple premises with remote back office which provides a comprehensive auditing and tracking capability for franchise establishments.

Shelf Labels & Self-pack barcode printing

Shelf labels function provide a fast track route for preparing barcode scanning. DDA shelf labels function offers you the ability to print out shelf labels in customized layouts by generating information from product list.

Excellent security

User manager function maintains security and full administrative control over sensitive areas within Digital Data Assist. User Groups helps to allocate specific privileges to different users ensuring some functions can only be accessed by certain authorized personels.

DDA can be fully integrated with most modern digital surveillance system which allows you to overlap video frames with sales transaction details.


Windows Tablet

DDA can be fully integrated with a windows tablet PC & Pocket PC enabling you to the mobility to carry out some of the powerful functions of DDA at the shelf.

Stocktaking, Price Chnage, Purchase Order, Shelf Label Printing.

PC EFTPOS integration

Digital Data Assist is licensed by all major banks Australianwide to connect PC integrated EFTPOS machines with your EFTPOS transactions.


Loyalty function to award frequent shoppers

Implement a VIP & points scheme with our loyalty function to preset discount rate for VIP customers and reward customers by accumulating points to spend in their next bill. Points can be consolidated for chain stores hence you are hassle-free about the management of loyalty program.

NMI Approval No.S580

On 1 August 2012, the National Measurement Institute (NMI) introduced new requirements for the approval of all new Point of Sale (POS) systems which are connected to measuring instruments used for trade. That is, POS systems installed or modified from this date onwards will need to have obtained an NMI Certificate of Approval. Digital Data Assist is fully certified by NMI M7 requirement with approval No S580.

For more information on NMI M7

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