iPad POS

Digital Data Assist - iPad POS

Multiple Language Menu and Printing

DDA supports programming of two languages per product

(English, Italin, Greek, Chinese, Thai and many others). Therefore,

you can now print your own language in the kitchen,

The language switch button allows you to change the display language at any moment you wish.

Available in app store

With the Digital Data Assist (DDA) installation, you can use your own IPAD/IPAD Mini for order processing to enjoy increased speed, operational efficiency and accuray.

Digital Assist App

For the past decade, over two thousand customers

Australia wide operate their business using DDA.


Each product can be automatically linked to condiments, sides, cooking instructions to take the guess work out for your staff.

Multi Price

Menu items can have up to 4 multiple prices, each with a customisable description for better refinement of your menu.

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