Finger Scanner RS40

Dimension(Wx H x D): 52 x 48 x 32 mm

The Syble RS40 finger scanner is a compact and efficient device for barcode scanning. It offers excellent mobility and ease of use, making it suitable for various applications. With its compact design, it’s a versatile solution for capturing barcode data in retail, inventory management, and other industries.


  • Advanced Light Source: Utilizes a high-performance Red LED light source for accurate and efficient scanning.
  • Image CMOS Optical System: Employs an Image CMOS optical system to capture barcode data with precision.
  • High-Resolution Image Sensor: Equipped with a 640*480 pixel image sensor, ensuring detailed barcode recognition.
  • Swift Scan Rate: Operates at a rapid speed, scanning barcodes up to 200 times per second for quick data retrieval.
  • Exceptional Precision: Boasts a precision rate of 4 mil, enabling accurate and error-free scanning.
  • Vibrant TFT Color Screen: Features a vibrant TFT color screen for user-friendly operation and data visualization.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Utilizes Bluetooth Class 4.2 for efficient wireless connections with various devices.
  • Versatile Interfaces: Offers both USB HID keyboard and USB COM interfaces, providing flexibility for diverse applications.
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