Wireless Barcode Scanner with Cradle6266

Dimension: 85mm x 62mm x 154mm

This QR Barcode Reader boasts dual wireless modules, enhancing its ability to read a wide range of 1D and 2D barcodes. Its substantial rechargeable lithium battery capacity allows for uninterrupted scanning. You have the flexibility to choose between 2.4G mode and Bluetooth mode, enabling offline storage of up to 40,000 EAN-13 codes, making it exceptionally convenient.

It offers two connection options: 2.4G wireless for laptops and desktops and Bluetooth for mobile phones and tablets. This versatile tool finds applications in diverse industries, including shopping malls, retail, express delivery services, libraries, and pharmacies.


  • Code Versatility: Decodes a wide range of 1D/2D codes, including direct Chinese QR code support.
  • Universal Device Pairing: Easily connects to mobile phones, tablets, and laptops via Bluetooth.
  • Extended Wireless Reach: Operates up to 100 meters away using Bluetooth.
  • Ample Storage: Stores around 512,000 characters of data.
  • Touch Charging: Convenient, touch-activated charging base.
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