Ishida - Touch UNI 7

It is essential that your scales are verified trade approved when trading by weight. At Intelligent POS we supply a wide range of NMI trade approved scales to retail outlets across the country, our retail scales including price computing scales, multi operators receipt scales and weigh labelers. 

Intelligent POS is NMI licensed for verification trade approved scales.

Please visit NMI (National Measurement Institute) website for further information.

Speed touch retail scale equipped with touch screen operation with full color display

Speedy & Accurate Operations

With the “Floating Operator” function, transactions are stored according to the operator accounts.  This function allows multiple staffs to serve customers using same terminal. It helps to maintain high efficiency by minimize queuing time for customer and saving operating cost. The keypad features Vibration Technology with audio, the first of its kind, to avoid making false or incomplete entries. Highly visual PLU menus make item selection easier.

Increasing sales through cross merchandising

UNI 7 uses a front cassette loading method, freeing up more counter space for displaying products and making it easier to replace labels. In addition, label type changeover is made faster with the UNI 7 holding up to seven different types of label cassettes.

Wireless Connectivity

The UNI 7 allows retailers to maximise the use of their store Host System through data transfer and each unit has wireless capability as a standard feature

Long-term traceability

UNI 7 is able to provide a virtual receipt plus it is GST ready, which enables the unique identification of all trade items, processes, services, shipments, assets, companies and locations at any point in the supply chain.

Effective advertising

The UNI 7 has a 7 inch colour screen with scrolling advertising and screen saver to attract the customer’s attention to daily promotions.

Improved customer communications

The UNI-7 memory can be expanded up to 2GB, allowing you to appeal to your customers with visual information such as logos, messages, and data on traceability, ingredients and nutrition, which will be printed on labels.

Better management for chain stores

Uni 7 allows you to control over chain stores from headquarter through its PC base software called SLP-V.

Versatile variation

UNI-7 offers seven type of configuration to meet various customers' needs

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