Sharp XEA207W

Entry level cash register with raised keyboard, electronic journal and receipt printer

Streamline operations with utmost ease !!

  • Large, easy-to-view multi-line LCD operator display with tilt mechanism
  • Built-in SD Card slot for easy sales data transfer to PC and program backup
  • Guided programming for easy set-up and Help key for operating instructions
  • Electronic Journal stores transaction data in memory to save paper
  • Quick Thermal Printer with graphic logo printing
  • 99 departments and up to 2,000 articles each with 16-character text

Large multi-line LCD for user-friendly operation

The clear, backlit, 5 or 8 line *, 160 x 64 dot LCD operator display featured on the XE-A207W provides high visibility. It can display up to 20 alphanumeric characters, allowing clerks to view items, prices, and other information even in low-light environments. For better viewing, the operator display can be tilted anywhere from 25º to 70º. The XE-A207Walso features a pop-up, rotating, 7-digit LED customer display, which can be adjusted to an easy-to-read angle, ensuring customer confidence. (Black cabinet verion shown in image)

Data backup with SD Card slot

The XE-A207W is equipped with a SD card slot. SD cards (4Gb to 32Gb) can be used to back up various kinds of data, including daily sales and Electronic Journal data. Data (CSV file type) can be saved to an SD memory card then managed on a computer via Excel or other spreadsheet applications. Also various settings can be configured easily by using an SD card. Parameters such as the store name and logo, department names, product names, sales tax rate and others can all be configured on a computer and imported into the machine quickly and easily with an SD card.

Note: SD cards are not included. Software for importing PC-configured data into the XE-A207W can be provided via your Sharp authorized installing dealer. (Black cabinet version shown in image)

Electronic Journal

The XE-A207W features an Electronic Journal function that can store up to 9,000 lines of transaction data electronically, helping to conserve paper and reduce costs.  For easy reference, the Electronic Journal View function displays transaction data from previous entries.

High-Capacity metal cash drawer

The space-efficient cash drawer takes up minimal counter space yet generously provides five note compartments and eight coin com-partments. When not in use, the ruggedly built drawer can be locked shut, keeping your money safe.(Black cabinet version shown in image)

Quick thermal printing with graphic logo printing

The built-in thermal printer prints out sales receipts on 58-mm-wide paper at a speedy rate of approximately 12 lines per second. A graphic logo can be printed out as well, helping to further promote your business. Plus, the drop-in paper loading mechanism allows you to change paper rolls quickly and easily.

Quick and accurate price entry

Equipped with 2,000 PLUs (price look ups), the XE-A207W makes entering pricing information a snap. By simply entering the code or pressing direct keys for the items being purchased, you can total up sales with accuracy and speed.  A total of 99 departments are also available, enabling you to easily track and analyse transactions by product type.

Other key features:
Raised keyboard with 53 keys
4 Tax  rates supported
7 digit 7 segment customer display
RS-232 interface


Model   XE-A207W
Display Operator Monochrome LCD with backlight
    160 x 64 dots
  Customer 7-digit, 7-segment LED
Printer Type 1-station, drop-in thermal
  Digits 30 digits
  Paper width 58 mm
  Speed Approx. 12 lines/sec.
Drawer Notes 5 compartments
  Coin 8 compartments
Keyboard Type Normal key
  No. of keys 53
Interface   One RS-232 port ( 1 x 9-pin DIN)
    One SD card slot
Departments   Standard 99
PLUs   Standard 2,000
Electronic Journal   9,000 lines
GST/tax system   Total 4 rates
Dimensions (W x D x H) 360 x 425 x 365 mm (approx.)
Weight    11 Kg (approx.)


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