Datalogic Magellan 1400i

Recommended applications: Medium volume scanning suitable for convenience stores and bottle shops, and employee login functions


Scan Rate: 1170 scans/sec


Like its sister product, the Magellan 1000i reader, the Magellan 1400i presentation scanner features a unique approach to imaging technology by using digital scan patterns for omnidirectional reading. This innovative technology offers maximum reliability and high performance while excelling at capturing hard-to-read codes. The 1400i elevates performance even higher by providing standard support for PDF417 and Data Matrix label decoding along with image capture support, a larger scan volume and a longer depth-of-field. The Magellan 1400i scanner is the ideal product for customers who need the highest performance, reliability, and value in a small presentation scanner design.

Interface: USB, RS-232, PS/2 Keyboard Wedge, IBM 46xx

Dimension: 94(W) x 84(D) x 71(H) mm

Color: Black/Grey

Warranty: 24 Months

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